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Lutheran High School offers 4 levels of ESL. These classes are designed to help students whose first language is not English. These are year-long classes that focus on strengthening English skills in the areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The four levels include:

ESL 1 (Beginner) - Practice with basic language including common nouns, verbs, phrases, everyday life in American culture, simple stories and comprehension, basic sentence structure, practice with Rosetta Stone, conversation practice etc.

ESL II (Early Intermediate) - Improving reading and writing skills including comprehension, vocabulary development, study skills. Writing practice includes basic sentence structure, grammar, 3 paragraph essays etc., speaking skills and an overview of American culture with emphasis on holidays, common language, social skills.

ESL III (High Intermediate) - More advanced practice with reading and writing skills including reading comprehension through the use of Literature circles, newspapers, expository texts manuals etc., vocabulary development, study skills, SAT prep., . Writing practice includes 5 paragraph essay, including literature-based, technical and scientific writing.  Speaking exercises include group discussion about common American issues, stories synopsis, culture, speech practice

ADVANCED ELD-ESL IV- This is a UC-approved class including 3 credits of English. Emphasis is on Reading skills using newspapers, famous American books, stories, essays, speeches, poems. Writing includes emphasis on 5 paragraph, MLA format essay, including literature-based, technical and scientific writing, writing for UC Admissions, TOEFL and SAT tests. American culture is discussed and written about extensively including social and political issues.

For more information about ESL, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.