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School-Wide Learner Outcomes

Lutheran High School students strive to be:

Productive and socially responsible citizens

Will accomplish tasks as members of a team/group.
Will learn about, experience, and appreciate the contributions of other cultures.
Will exhibit professional and vocational skills.
Will respond to the civic and political processes and needs within their community.
Will value and seek continuing educational opportunities.

Effective Communicators

They will receive, process, and respond to various types of messages in a clear and appropriate way.
They will utilize various technological resources.

Active Christians

They will utilize the Bible for spiritual growth.
They will demonstrate service to God, and the community.
They will respect and maintain their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit.
They will use and contribute toward various Christian resources.
They will realize and use the power of prayer.

Critical thinkers and problem solvers

They will collect, analyze, prioritize, interpret and evaluate pertinent information.
They will utilize interpersonal peacemaking strategies in relationships.
They will formulate plans of action and act upon them to current and future challenges and opportunities.
They will be equipped to learn and enact responsibilities of everyday life through various life skills.

Self-expressive individuals

They will experience and participate in and with a variety of art forms.
They will utilize artistic means to express creative energies.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Lutheran High School (LHS), a student must complete a minimum of 240 credits of coursework as follows (International students must check with the international student advisor): (10 LHS credits = 1UC/CSU unit = 1 academic year)