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Purpose and Goals

LHS’s ultimate mission is to equip students for lives of service to God, home, and community. The Service Outreach Program (SOP) is an integral part of student life at LHS and provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their Christian faith. This intentional service is experienced at a time when students are growing toward a more genuine extended love toward others.

The example of Christ’s washing His disciples’ feet (John 13:1-7) gives the student a model on which to pattern their servanthood. Students are expected to choose beneficiaries for their service from three arenas: school, church, and the community. The school will advertise some opportunities for service from which students can choose. The SOP Advisor will act as facilitator, helping students to reflect on projects of the students’ choosing. Students will be encouraged to choose projects that benefit the person(s) or organization served while also utilizing their own God-given gifts and talents.

Policies and Procedures

Each student is expected to complete the minimum number of hours specified below in approved service outreach activities and to turn in the required forms by the first Monday in May. An additional hour will be required from the student for each week that accumulates beyond this deadline. No student will be allowed to take final exams and receive final semester grades until he or she has completed these requirements; seniors cannot graduate without satisfactorily completing all aspects of their projects. (Exceptions may apply and will be worked through under the guidance of the SOP Advisor.)

Freshmen: Two of three school-initiated group projects
The requirement for freshmen will be participation in at least two of three group projects organized by LHS. Parent participation in the school-initiated group project is expected. (See list of scheduled projects for 2009-2010 below.)

Sophomores: 12 individual hours and one school-initiated group project
The sophomores will be required to complete 12 hours of individual service to their church, school, and/or community. Each student will also be required to work with his or her class to complete one of three school-initiated group projects. (See list of scheduled projects for 2009-2010 below.)

Juniors: 20 hours
The juniors are to complete 20 hours during the course of the year in service to their community and/or school. It is suggested that juniors use this year to explore different organizations for which they might perform their culminating project in their senior year.

Seniors: 50 hours
The seniors will be involved in a single project taking at least 50 hours. Additional and separate paperwork by each senior will be completed and is available from the SOP Advisor.