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Local Enrollment

Dave Jacobs, Enrollment

Why choose Lutheran High School?

Choosing a high school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you can make for their education.  The high school that your student attends will have an enormous influence on whether he or she goes on to college, immediately joins the work force, or decides to join the military.  It will also help shape their capabilities and potential and prepare them for what they decide to do.  Perhaps even more important, the high school that you choose for your student will help develop their character.  It will help form what kind of person they will become.

Lutheran High School is a Christ-centered community, working with families to prepare students for higher education, to nurture personal faith development, and to equip students for a life of Christian service.  For over 20 years, Lutheran High School has been committed and dedicated to the task of helping young people become – Productive students – Responsible citizens – Effective communicators – Active Christians – Critical thinkers.  As one parent stated, “LHS teaches responsibility and acceptance.  They challenge each individual to be all that they can be.” 
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here's what students say about Lutheran High School:

“LHS is a wonderful, faith-filled, caring learning environment that prepares students for success in life.” 
“The teachers really care and help us” 
“If you want to play a sport, you can”
“People treat me with respect here”
“I have friends from places around the world”
“I love the Christian service days”
“LHS is more than a school, it’s a big family”

Advantages of attending Lutheran High

  • Small class size

  • Highly-qualified and caring staff

  • Multi-cultural exchange among students

  • Zero tolerance for bullying

  • Great interscholastic sports programs

  • Variety of music and drama programs

  • Personal faith as well as preparing them for

  • A life of Christian service

Local students looking to attend Lutheran High School need to adhere to the process below

1. Call to schedule a meeting with Dave Jacobs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), our recruitment coordinator, to personally assess the opportunities Lutheran High offers your teen. Contact our admissions team: 916-691-2277

2. Schedule a “shadow day" in which your teen is paired with one of our students for the day. They will be introduced to other students and teachers, and will have the opportunity to experience Panther life first hand.

3. Submit completed Admissions Application form and application fee of $75. For the domestic student admissions packet click here. For the international admissions packet, click here.

4. Schedule a placement test. Placement testing is scheduled through the Admissions Counselor by appointment.

5. Submit the balance of the admissions packet paperwork, including previous school report, transcripts, recommendation form, parent and student questionnaires, and CIF forms (CIF forms are required for transfer students only).


PoPS Hours: Each family is required to do 20 parent hours per semester. Parents who do not fulfill their hours will be charged $25 per hour.

Refunds: Fees are non-refundable. Tuition is refundable, prorated by semester only. The maximum refund is one-half the annual tuition. Please see the Parent Handbook for clarification.

Method of Payment: Tuition is required to be paid through electronic funds transfer on the 20th of every month, July through April.

Financial Aid: Financial aid is awarded based on demonstrated financial need, which is assessed objectively by the financial aid department and funded solely by Lutheran High School through our generous donors. Financial aid applications submitted after July 1 will not be accepted; due to the limited amount of aid available, there will be no exceptions to this deadline. Notification of financial aid awarded will be available by July 30.

Tuition: Tuition is based on a semester time period. We offer the ability to make payments on a monthly basis as a way to help our parents manage the cost of each semester via electronic funds transfer only. For example, if a student starts mid-semester, tuition will still be due for the entire semester and is not prorated by month. Tuition is subject to increase at the beginning of each school year. Tuition delinquent by more than five days will be subject to finance charges and suspension of services.

Do you offer financial aid?

We offer a limited amount of financial aid based on demonstrated financial need in the form of grants and scholarships. Financial aid application can be found online at factstuitionaid.com and is due by June 1. There is a small fee to cover the cost of review.


Admissions Packet for Domestic Senior High Students
Print out forms below (pdf).
Complete and return - either by fax to (916) 691-2292, or mail to:
9270 Bruceville Rd, Elk Grove, CA 95758.

Admission Forms
Admissions Application
Parent Questionnaire
Statement of Financial Responsibility
Student Questionnaire
Previous School Report
Student Recommendation
Tuition, 2014-15
Tuition, 2015-16